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Keeping up my New Year’s Resolution

One of my many New Year’s resolutions was to get back in shape ( I recognize the cliche– so can it!! ). I must say, I’ve been off to a pretty good start. 1.)Eating well- no more cakes from patisserie magenta or Hager’s cookie feasts 2.) Kicked the nicotine- well actually I had a relapse once thanks to Thameur, but my lungs still feel good. 3.) Daily gym fiend- Again an exception, this being yesterday because …I went to play tennis! More fun than being a hamster on a treadmill. 

I got home after work and found my new dalmatian puppy wagging his little tail on a bed of blankets I made him outdoors. I cooked him his dinner of eggs and turkey (turkey is cheaper  here than chicken) which I shredded and then cooled so he could gobble it up. The poor lil guy is so sick, and has clearly been abused from his past owner. Fortunately he’s been warming up to me really well and definitely has more of a spark. 

After I fed the puppy, Hicham came to pick me up with his personal taxi driver. It was the first time I played on clay courts or with a long racket and I must say I was horrible. But I still had tons of fun sliding and shrieking away trying to return Hicham’s killer forehand. In my defense, that kid played against Andy Roderick and was a juniors champ… yet I had the guts to take him on! Err…”rally” him on. 

I came home ultra sore but excited to do it again. After a shower, I chatted on the phone for a bit, listened to some of the new music I downloaded, checked out a photo essay I’d been meaning to see, then I hit the sack- dreaming of everything but this damn sales pitch I have to do.

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