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I am pretty positive I spent my day surfing the web and reading an article on liberalism by Miguel Centeno. I have no desire to work! We have some fun events coming up this weekend and one that just passed by a very talented British electronica band. So it’s not that Sybel is in a period of worklessness like the winter months are prone to bring to our type of industry. In fact, I have a sales pitch to prepare that is due by 6 pm — haven’t even begun to research.

Where is my mojo?! 

I thought maybe giving into the munchies would help. The universe heard me and responded in two seconds. Right outside Sybel is an orchard (?) and the landlord gave us all bags of freshly picked oranges. Naturally, I spent the past 2 hours feeding my lethargy with sharp citrus… somehow even that happy scent did not give me the pick me up I need to WORK. 

I’ve decided I am not an office girl. I have moods and spurts and I need the option of an oddly arranged work-from- home schedule. Hmmm. I think I will ask for a sick day tomorrow and go to my gym’s sauna, gather inspiration from the mist, and then consider starting this sales pitch. I might do a bit of cooking and prepare some fall back recipes for the slew of dinner parties I’m about to host. Definitely squeeze in a kapalbathi sequence. And oooh, outline travel plan for my remaining weekends in Tunisia.

But for now, I’m going to continuing vegetating and looking for Mac apps. I’m really into the Bento 3 program.  Lord. Last thing I need. Another excuse to dawdle by organizing and pre-planning.

32 more minutes…..

  1. January 8, 2010 at 8:03 am

    basically don’t you dare hire me corporate or you will regret it!

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