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Weekend Woes

What to write about? This weekend, I spent 90% of my time in my studio working on applications. There’s a family that’s about to move above me and the construction preparing for their arrival is insane- and unwelcomed. For part of the weekend I didn’t have water due to the floorwork they’re doing, so my landlord brought me buckets of water (really showed me what a water waster I am btw. Definitely going to be more conscientious going forward) Then, for the other part, the workers had to tear down a wall, and OH MY GOD, I didn’t realize how feeble this apartment complex is. I could hear every single chip and whack. But magnified! As in, if they were doing this construction in my home, it would’ve been less loud. Really not logical.

But there are other things here that are not logical too. Like the fripe. It’s an amazing shopping smorgasbord but get this economic unsoundness: during the morning, there are less people but prices are lower in hopes that people buy more, and in the afternoon there are more people so prices are higher because they will undoubtedly buy more. Actually, it’s very sound, but not when juxtaposed with neoclassical economics (I always found those classes to be garbage)

By mid-Saturday, I started to get a bit depressed being locked up for so long. I went over to Fati and Anna’s new house in Centreville for a girl’s night. We did our nails, chatted, I met the new Puerto Rican intern, had tea, makdoods and my failed pudding chunks, and watched a movie called “Definitely. Maybe”.

The movie really made me think about my college boyfriend and all the wonderful things he did for me and how I never appreciated them enough. I was always looking for the next best thing, the next best exprience, I was always looking everywhere but there. Being in Tunisia, where time is slower, I’ve finally had a chance to digest the past, re-experience certain events and at last, feel the associated emotions. I can see now how going a mile a minute through life is not a way to live because your mind doesn’t have time to process the stimuli. So I guess it didn’t matter what he did, because I was never present enough to internalize it. This is probably one of the most powerful personal takeaways I could ask for. While being far from the  US of A always makes me love it even more, this is one instance where I think I will have to rethink an American habit. I operate on colored people time for realsie.

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